Bijoux de la Mer

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"Bijoux de la Mer" is first of all a family story. A love story. Their creators, Maryvonne and Gérard Mignot, are tireless travelers, life lovers concerned with every single detail that make everyday living worthwhile.

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With freedom and the love of dreams, they navigated the seas with their 9 children, building amazing projects in all the four corners of the world. All of the years’ landscapes or projects have seen the family get bigger, yet Maryvonne’s passion for jewelry has stayed intact, creating a unique aesthetic, widely copied nowadays. A few years ago, by a little bit of chance, this adventurer couple disembarked in St. Barth and fell in love with this tiny caribbean island. They decided to cast anchor there and opened their first “Bijoux de la Mer” shop.

The original creations from Maryvonne and her son Marc, all handmade, are composed of australian pearls, black tahitian pearls, pebbles, shells and many other sea treasures chosen by the family. Marie-Josée and Jessica, respectively Gérard and Maryvonne’s daughter and granddaughter, welcome visitors in the shop for advice so you can get the most adapted jewel for your style and budget.

Authentic, unique, conceived to last, “Bijoux de la Mer” will accompany you all life long.

september, 2019

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